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Think big. Be bold. Begin.


Create outstanding outcomes
with leadership coaching

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Change starts with 
impactful conversations

In a safe, supportive space, we delve deep, explore ways to break down barriers, recognise strengths and optimise mindset 

Unlock change from the first session
Working Together

Tackle obstacles

Coaching opens new perspectives allowing you to identify pathways to achieve high performance and fulfilment

Activate transformational growth

Meeting Room Business

Who do 
I coach?

  I coach founders, leaders & executives

  10 common coaching goals:

  1. Get clarity on goals

  2. Tackle overwhelm, stress, imposter syndrome

  3. Raise and reach high targets under pressure 

  4. Build resilience to navigate complex challenges
  5. Develop effective communication for high performance

  6. Set up alliances across teams for strategy implementation 

  7. Sharpen leadership style for increased effectiveness & impact

  8. Balance commercial targets and social impact goals 

  9. Launch (then scale) new business, product, strategy 

  10. Align values to business, work & life for optimal wellbeing

  If you want to switch up gears, let's talk

Neurodiversity coaching

My person-centred approach,
enables each individual to excel to their fullest potential



Leverage your uniqueness 

Team Meeting
Stand Up Meeting
My coaching process

What do you want?

What options do you have to step forwards?

How might it look when you get there?

Amplify your vision

 Uncover hidden aspirations 
Engage in challenging dialogues
Get new found clarity to propel you forward


What holds you back?

How can you tap into your mental power?
What is needed to remove your blocks ?


Smash the barriers

 Foster self-reflection
Reveal your limiting beliefs and barriers
Equip yourself to rapidly progress



How can you experiment?
What do you notice when you take action?
What will help you attain your aims?

Experiment, learn, repeat

Start detaching from outcomes
Build resilience through exploration
Push boundaries to nurture growth 

My coaching process

Working at home

Book a free discovery call

Hear how coaching works and experience a short coaching session.

Let's talk to see if we can be a good fit

Team Building Session

What clients say

Stephanie is a powerful listener. I had big breakthroughs in a short time frame. I felt energised and empowered after each session, like wearing new shoes, walking with more confidence.

I highly recommend Stephanie as an excellent coach, who will provide positive outcomes.

Jonathan| Head of Media Inventory  | BBC 

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